Three Web Hosting Options


Choosing a web hosting company is not easy, simply because of the sheer number of service providers and options available today. Each business has specific needs, so finding a provider that can accommodate them with an affordable package can take time. Speed, reliability, and privacy are just some of the features that customers will enjoy when they sign up for service with

The three main types of web hosting options are virtual private server, shared, and dedicated. Shared is the least expensive of all three, but there are some drawbacks and it is not appropriate for all businesses. A site will be housed on a server with many others, so sites that receive a high volume of traffic would not benefit from this option.

A dedicated server is a good choice for sites that regularly receive a lot of traffic. There are more customizable features as well. The drawback is that it is quite expensive, and it takes a fair amount of technical skill to support a site on a server.

A VPS plan works well for those sites that in between in terms of traffic and needs. The plans are often affordable and offer customizations and technical support. It is important to review all of the details of a web hosting package before signing up to ensure that it will best suit your needs.

Choosing A Web Design Company


If you want to start an Internet business, you need to look for a professional web design company to design your website for you. Many people start off their businesses by picking up a free template from the web, but it is best to have a unique design for your company. Apart from designing the website, there are companies that will do the maintenance for you. This is important especially when it comes to optimizing your website for the search engines. Without optimizing the website, potential customers will not get to see your website.

When selecting a web design company, you need to look for one with the necessary knowledge and experience in designing websites. You should search the Internet for companies that offer these services, and ask them for a quote. You should also type the phrase “Web Design Company”, and see which ones come at the top of the search engine results. These are the ones who are experienced in optimizing websites. You should also go through review sites and see what other people have to say about the design companies that they have used in the past. This way, you will be able to select a company that will design a top notch website for you.

How to Repair a Broken Screen on Your Tablet

That awful moment when you drop or knock your tablet hard against something and flip it over to see a crack or shattered glass. But it doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world anymore. All you need is to arm yourself with the right information on how to do a good tablet screen repair job on your device and get cracking!

Getting started on tablet screen repair

Arm yourself with the right tools to pry the screen off and dismantle and put together the tablet. What you will need is a screwdriver that can handle the tiniest parts, scissors, a heat gun, double sided adhesive tape and canned air. Lay out a bowl to put the tiny parts in so they don’t roll away or get lost.

Get hold of a manual or watch a video to understand the parts of the tablet before you begin tablet screen repair. There’s the touch sensitive digitizer or glass sandwich, the front frame (bezel), motherboard frame, LCD chassis, the LCD itself and the back cover.

Opening up the tablet

Shut down the tablet, remove the back cover and extract the battery. Loosen cabling that’s been fastened on and has been exposed due to the opening up. You will encounter as many as a dozen or more Torx or Phillips screws in the average tablet when you first open it up. These help keep the back frame attached to the chassis. Also watch for any cables that are attached to the glass and chassis as these will need to be pried apart so you can separate the two portions of the tablet.

Seasoned DIY folks will advise you to take a photo of each step during the dismantling, especially which cables connect to where, so you know how to put it back together when done. Use different bowls for screws/parts from different sections if that helps.

Next separate the LCD chassis from the bezel (this will involve more work with that screwdriver). Keep clear of the LCD face itself or you could cause major damage.

Removing the damaged glass and attaching the screen

Next, put on a pair of good work gloves and you’re set to begin work on the glass. Once the front frame is separated from the rest of the tablet, use the heat gun to gently pry the shattered or broken glass free from it along the glued joints.

Use the double sided sticky tape to help adhere the replaced screen to the front frame taking care to stick only to the sides so the screen section of the glass doesn’t get obscured. Replace seals. Check that the digitizer glass you are about to put in is free of smudges. You can now thread that digitizer cable back in place and fix the digitizer glass into the frame again. Use canned air to blow away any surface dust on the LCD.

You are done with the trickiest bits of the job and can now set about fitting everything back the way it was.

How much will it cost you?

Repairing the average touchscreen tablet can cost around USD 50 on an average. That should cover the cost of the new screen and odds and ends you may need to get the job done. The only caveat here, is that if you are not very handy with DIY mechanical work, then you do run the very real risk of causing further damage to your tablet which could end up costing you more.

Need help doing it?

If you’re in Nova Scotia, you should check out the fine folks at for your tablet repairs – if you’re not able to do it yourself, they’re always reliable!